COSMIC’s Kickoff Meeting


The COSMIC Kickoff is the first biannual COSMIC general membership meeting, which brings together a diverse forum of users, customers, developers, and researchers to accelerate the widespread adoption of ISAM capabilities as an integrated segment of the space enterprise architecture. The kickoff will be a hybrid event, and introduce COSMIC as an entity, align members with our five focus areas, and define specific products for the consortium to develop in the future. 

We’re thrilled to announce that these renowned leaders in America’s space enterprise, Dr. Ezinne Uzo-Okoro from the White House OSTP, NASA’s Col. Pam Melroy (USAF, Ret.), and the U.S. Space Force’s Maj. Gen. John M. Olson will deliver keynote addresses at the COSMIC Kickoff.

Dr. Ezinne Uzo-Okoro
Assistant Director for Space Policy
White House Office of Science & Technology Policy
Col. Pam Melroy, (USAF Ret.)
Deputy Administrator
Maj. Gen. John M. Olson
Chief of Space Operations
Mobilization Assistant
U.S. Space Force


The COSMIC kickoff meeting presents a unique opportunity for participants in the commercial space industry to collaborate face-to-face with leading experts, government organizations, and academics, who will help shape the future of America’s ISAM capabilities. Attendance will offer valuable insights and networking opportunities, with access to some of America’s top ISAM experts, providing a competitive advantage for those seeking to advance their businesses and stand at the forefront of sustainable spaceflight.


For those involved with US Government agencies, attending the COSMIC kickoff meeting is a crucial opportunity to collaborate with leading ISAM experts, and interact face-to-face with industry counterparts. This event will enable participants to gain valuable insights, explore potential partnerships, and contribute to driving advancements that align with national space exploration objectives.


For academia professionals, attending the COSMIC kickoff meeting at the University of Maryland offers a rare chance to engage in collaborative discussions with renowned researchers, engineers, and visionaries across the space industry. It presents an exceptional platform to gain insights into groundbreaking advancements in space mobility and ISAM capabilities, opening doors for potential research partnerships, knowledge exchange, and the opportunity to help plan America’s sustainable future in space.


Non-profits who support America’s goal of a sustainable future in space will have the opportunity to collaborate with leading ISAM experts and organizations from across the space industry, government, and academia at this event. Participants will gain valuable insights into groundbreaking ISAM advancements, fostering potential research collaborations and partnerships that align with US national objectives for space exploration and sustainability.

While we’re eager to welcome you in person, we understand that not everyone can join us physically. To ensure inclusivity for the entire ISAM community, we’re thrilled to offer a virtual option. This will include live streaming of keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, and interactive online participation, ensuring that everyone’s voice can contribute to the event.

Below, you’ll find a portal to University of Maryland’s partners hotels, which are located in close proximity to the campus.

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