COSMIC Membership

Join the COSMIC community

Welcome to the COSMIC Membership Portal, your gateway to a dynamic community of space enthusiasts, visionaries, and innovators. By bringing your organization into the consortium, your authorized participants will be granted access to COSMIC’s collaborative website and be able to attend COSMIC meetings. Here, you can help shape the future of America’s ISAM capabilities and interact with top experts across the ISAM spectrum.

How your Organization can become a COSMIC Member:

Membership is free and open to qualifying U.S. organizations. To join COSMIC and access this vibrant community, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the Membership Agreement: Have your Authorized Organizational Representatives fill out and submit the COSMIC Membership Agreement.
  2. Designate COSMIC Participants: Upon acceptance, your designated users will receive invitations to register for the secure COSMIC Collaboration site.
  3. Get Ready to Collaborate: Once access is granted, your designated users will have access to a wealth of collaborative opportunities in the Focus Areas of their choice and in your designated caucus.

Membership Requirements:

  • Membership is open to U.S. organizations that are actively:
    • studying ISAM
    • developing ISAM capabilities
    • providing ISAM services
    • currently (or may become) a user of ISAM
  • Authorized participants must be U.S. Persons as defined here: 22 CFR 120.62

Why Join COSMIC:

As a COSMIC participant, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate: Join forces with like-minded organizations and individuals who share your interest in ISAM and America’s future in space.
  • Innovate: Play an active role in shaping the future of ISAM, contributing to the evolution of space technologies and capabilities.
  • Network: Connect with industry leaders, government representatives, and academia experts, opening doors to exciting opportunities and collaborations.
  • Stay Informed: Gain access to the latest developments, research, and events in the ISAM field.
  • Drive Change: Influence the direction of space technology, and contribute to the success of ISAM as an integral part of future space architectures.

To review the agreement before applying:
COSMIC Membership Agreement (PDF)

For any other membership questions, feel free to contact us at: