Focus Areas


COSMIC is designed to harness the creativity, energy, and resources of the nation to ensure the United States is at the forefront of ISAM capabilities.

COSMIC will initially include five focus areas, responsible for creating a community that enables sharing of information between all the consortium members.  The focus areas will gather information, facilitate the creation of consortium products, and provide configuration management of the products after they are approved.  Example products will vary by focus group, but could include reports on the state of ISAM capabilities and needs, mission needs, demonstration opportunities, policy recommendations, roadmapping, etc.

Each focus area is composed of interested members of COSMIC’s general membership. The five initial focus areas are: Research & Technology (RT), Demonstration Infrastructure (DI), Missions & Ecosystems (ME), Policy & Regulation (PR), and Workforce Development (WD).

The Research & Technology (RT) focus area maintains awareness of ongoing research and technology efforts either directly involved in ISAM, or which offer potential for leveraging partnerships in support of the ISAM National Strategy.

The Demonstration Infrastructure (DI) focus area maintains awareness of current and planned U.S.-based infrastructure assets for testing and demonstration of ISAM technologies and capabilities.

The Missions & Ecosystems (ME) focus area works to foster inclusion of ISAM into both government and private spaceflight missions. 

The Policy & Regulation (PR) focus area works to support the adoption of appropriate regulatory regimes for ISAM capabilities as they relate to government and private space operations.

The Workforce Development (WD) focus area advocates for and encourages ISAM-enabled training, certifications, coursework, and degrees for the US workforce, and employs grants, incentives, and internships where applicable.