Missions & Ecosystems

The Missions & Ecosystems (ME) focus area works to foster inclusion of ISAM into both government and private spaceflight missions.  This is achieved through two major thrust areas:  1) supporting and enhancing current missions with ISAM capabilities, and 2) informing future missions of the opportunities afforded them by ISAM.  One method ME achieves this is by fostering collaboration between providers of commercial ISAM capabilities and government users that operate under strict access control requirements.  The ME focus area maintains awareness of current and forecasted demand for incorporation of ISAM into spaceflight missions.  This information is made available to support ISAM capability providers’ development of business cases.  The ME focus area also supports analysis of mission lifecycle costs for government and private organizations to demonstrate the thresholds of value for incorporating ISAM into missions.  It develops best practice guides for mission managers to utilize when formulating mission CONOPS, system design, operational planning, and programmatic versatility.