Cosmic convergence

On May 15-16, 2024, COSMIC convened 170 in-person attendees along with 140 virtual attendees to continue to build momentum toward making ISAM a routine part of space architectures and missions. COSMIC inspired, integrated, and invigorated members through a combination of inspirational keynote talks from Dr. Clare Martin (Astroscale) and Dr. Jinni Meehan (White House OSTP), discussions about COSMIC products, flash talks, and collaborative exercises and activities.

Among key themes and actions addressed at Convergence:

Each of COSMIC’s five focus areas convened for multiple talks and breakout sessions and advanced COSMIC products in work, including an ISAM Testbed Inventory; an ISAM Technology Taxonomy; a Mission Use Case Repository; a Regulatory Repository; and a Policy Education Seminar Series.

COSMIC’s Steering Committee explored critical topics, including formalizing cross-caucus communication, how to help the general public better differentiate COSMIC from CONFERS, and how to help the U.S. ISAM community navigate policies for servicing international systems.

COSMIC’s Academia, Industry, and Government Caucuses heard from Caucus Chair candidates and kicked off voting, which will conclude on May 24. Each caucus deliberated on their respective needs, identifying the important of intra-caucus coordination and cross-caucus collaboration.

Held May 15-16, 2024, in Logan, Utah, COSMIC Convergence was held to unite ISAM experts, users and practitioners as they work toward widespread adoption of ISAM capabilities across the space enterprise.


7:00 AM

Registration, Networking Breakfast

8:00 AM

Event Logistics

Greg Richardson

8:05 AM

Keynote Introductions


8:10 AM

Keynote Address
The View is Incredible from Here:
Why ISAM is the Future of Space

Dr. Clare Martin, Executive Vice President, Astroscale U.S.

8:35 AM

Workshop Orientation

Greg Richardson

8:45 AM

State of COSMIC

Bo Naasz, NASA

9:00 AM

Focus Area Tasking

An overview of the COSMIC Focus Areas and their products

Greg Richardson

9:15 AM

Networking Break

9:35 AM

Focus Area Panel

Focus area leads outline products and seek feedback from the COSMIC community.

Greg Richardson, Henry Helvajian, Max Spolaor, Robert Kalinowsky, Audrey Allison, Joey Heying. Virtual Facilitator: Parker Wishik

11:05 AM

Networking Lunch

12:10 PM

Caucus Breakouts

Caucuses are a forum for like-minded stakeholders to discuss mutual ISAM related challenges and opportunities

Academia Caucus

Stephanie Goldfarb, Joey Heying, Virtual Facilitator: Kerri Beisser

Government Caucus

Greg Richardson, Alec Cavaciuti, Virtual Facilitator: Parker Wishik

Industry Caucus

Robert Kalinowsky, Brianna Andrus, Virtual Facilitator: Shannon Zirbel

1:40 PM

Networking Break

2:00 PM

Focus Area Breakouts Part 1

Demonstration Infrastructure:Designing the Ideal Testbeds

Join us in the Demonstration Infrastructure Focus Area as we discuss hallmark features of next generation terrestrial, in-space, and digital testbeds to simulate and test the most challenging environments to propel Space Mobility and ISAM capabilities forward.

Max Spolaor, Meg Hale, Virtual Facilitator: Shannon Zirbel

Policy & Regulation: Exploring the Emerging Regulatory/Policy Ecosystem for ISAM

Join our Policy & Regulation session to meet with experts on emerging aspects of ISAM Regulatory Policy; work together to build our Regulatory Repository and framework for the educational policy series.

Audrey Allison, Catrina Melograna, Virtual Facilitator: Parker Wishik

3:20 PM

Stretch Break

3:40 PM

Focus Area Breakouts Part 2

Demonstration Infrastructure: Designing the Ideal Testbeds cont.

Max Spolaor, Meg Hale, Virtual Facilitator: Shannon Zirbel

Policy & Regulation: Exploring the Emerging Regulatory/Policy Ecosystem for ISAM cont.

Audrey Allison, Catrina Melograna, Virtual Facilitator: Parker Wishik

5:00 PM

Evening Social

7:00 PM


7:15 AM

Networking Breakfast

8:15 AM

Virtual Keynote

Dr. Jinni Meehan, OSTP

8:35 AM

Focus Area Tasking Reprise

Greg Richardson

8:40 AM

Focus Area Breakouts Part 1

Missions & Ecosystems: Imagining the Future of ISAM

Join the Missions & Ecosystems Focus Area as we envision likely futures of the space ecosystems, align high-value mission use cases, and recognize the value of ISAM capabilities in those missions.

Robert Kalinowsky, Sarah Georgin, Virtual Facilitator: Paul Frakes

Workforce Development: Inspiring the Future ISAM Workforce

Join us in the Workforce Development breakout as we work together to identify areas and opportunities to infuse the hard problems related to ISAM into existing curriculum, leverage capstone topics, and identify new opportunities to leverage and amplify existing K-12, collegiate, and professional community programs with ISAM content.

Joey Heying, Brianna Andrus, Virtual Facilitator: Kerri Beisser

10:00 AM

Stretch Break

10:20 AM

Focus Area Breakouts Part 2

Missions & Ecosystems: Imagining the Future of ISAM cont.

Robert Kalinowsky, Sarah Georgin, Virtual Facilitator: None

Workforce Development: Inspiring the Future ISAM Workforce cont.

Joey Heying, Brianna Andrus, Virtual Facilitator: Kerri Beisser

11:40 AM

Networking Lunch

12:50 PM

Focus Area Breakouts Part 1

Research & TechnologyAligning Technology to Missions

Join us in the Research & Technology Focus Area as we align our two products, a technology taxonomy and ISAM inventory, with relevant mission use cases and campaigns to ensure innovation directly contributes to our groundbreaking futures.

Henry Helvajian, Glenn Bean, Virtual Facilitator: Robert Kalinowsky

2:10 PM

Stretch Break

2:30 PM

Focus Area Breakouts Part 2

Research & Technology: Aligning Technology to Missions 

Henry Helvajian, Glenn Bean, Virtual Facilitator: Robert Kalinowsky

3:50 PM

Relocation Break

4:10 PM

Focus Area Out briefs

Henry Helvajian, Max Spolaor, Robert Kalinowsky, Audrey Allison, Joey Heying

4:40 PM

Path Forward

Greg Richardson

4:55 PM


Calling All Cosmic Members

Announcing COSMIC Convergence, the essential gathering for America’s ISAM community and COSMIC’s only in-person event of 2024. This collaborative workshop promises to be a unique opportunity to sit side-by-side with influential stakeholders from government, industry, and academia, collectively focused on propelling the integration and broad adoption of ISAM capabilities within our nation’s space enterprise. Your input will directly influence the strategic approach and recommendations released by this community.

We highly encourage attending this event to maximize your organization’s networking opportunities and to play an active role in shaping America’s ISAM roadmap. Seize this unique chance to have your voice heard, and to help shape America’s sustainable operations in space! 

COSMIC Convergence
May 15-16, 2024
The Riverwoods Conference Center
Logan, UT

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Clare Martin will provide the Keynote:
The View is Incredible from Here: Why ISAM is the Future of Space

Dr. Clare Martin
Executive Vice President, Astroscale U.S.

Prior to joining GA-EMS, Dr. Martin was the Chief Operating Officer at Surrey Satellite Technology US, where she led the Surrey project management and engineering teams. As a member of the Surrey Satellite US Executive Team, Dr. Martin managed the bidding, negotiation, and execution of projects, and was responsible for ensuring the company’s cost-effective methods were appropriately applied to the execution of programs.

Dr. Martin previously held the position of the Director, Orbital Solutions at General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS). She was responsible for the management and technical performance of the engineering staff and delivery of projects, including planning and managing technical and programmatic solutions to ensure quality, business, and financial objectives were met.

Dr. Martin transferred to Surrey Satellite US from Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. in the United Kingdom, where she held several positions including the Head of Telecommunications and Navigation business unit, encompassing the Galileo payload programme. Prior to Surrey, Dr. Martin was a Project Manager and Scientist at QinetiQ.

Dr. Martin earned a Master of Science in astrophysics and a Doctorate in mathematics and computational sciences from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She loves to explore and adventure the mountains in Colorado.

Virtual Keynote May 16

Dr. Jinni Meehan
Assistant Director for Space Policy, Office of Science and Technology Policy

She was responsible for issues related to global, national, regional, and local policy, products, and services that impact the way NWS communicates space weather information to core partners, the space weather enterprise, and the general public. During her NWS tenure, she was selected for a one year rotation assignment in NOAA’s Office of Space Commerce where she served as a member of the Space Situational Awareness team. Over the years she has served as a member of several teams, committees, review panels, and interagency technical committees.

Since 2020, Jinni has led NOAA’s mandated responsibilities of the Promoting Research and Observations of Space Weather to Improve the Forecasting of Tomorrow (PROSWIFT) Act. In 2021, Jinni was appointed as the Executive Secretary of the OSTP Space Weather Operations, Research, and Mitigation (SWORM) Subcommittee. Also in 2021, she established the Space Weather Advisory Group to advise the SWORM Subcommittee and was appointed the inaugural Designated Federal Officer.

For her extensive leadership in interagency and international work she has received the Department of Commerce Gold Medal, National Weather Service Isaac Cline Award, NOAA’s Order of Sherman’s Lagoon Senior Executive Award, and received a challenge coin from the National Weather Service Director in recognition of excellence. She has authored or co-authored over 100 journal papers and presentations at scientific meetings, invited seminars, and colloquia and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences all over the world.

Prior to joining NOAA, Jinni served as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Air Force Institute of Technology located at Wright Patterson, AFB in Dayton, OH that took her to Thule, Greenland funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Jinni earned her Ph.D. in Physics from Utah State University and a B.S. in Meteorology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In her free time, she serves as an adjunct professor at Millersville University and enjoys taking her 2 young kiddos snowboarding and her puppy hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.

Who should attend


Collaborate with government agencies and researchers to shape America’s ISAM capabilities. 

Network with America’s top ISAM experts from all sectors.

Gain competitive advantage for those seeking to be at the forefront of sustainable spaceflight. 


Exchange views with ISAM experts and interact face-to-face with industry counterparts and members of the research community. 

Gain insights to technologies that align with national space exploration objectives. 

Explore potential partnerships with industry and academia. 


Collaborate with renowned experts, engineers, and policy makers in the space industry.  

Contribute to the roadmap for in-space mobility and ISAM capabilities. 

Explore potential research partnerships to help forge America’s sustainable future in space. 

Important note: This workshop is intended exclusively for authorized participants of COSMIC member organizations. If your organization hasn’t joined, or if you need to be added to your organization’s list of authorized participants, start the process TODAY! 

do i need to be a cosmic member

Yes. In addition, all attendees must have verified their US Person status with the COSMIC team.

To become a COSMIC Member, visit our membership page, or reach out to    

isam synergy

If you’re coming out for COSMIC Convergence, consider arriving a day early and attend Space Dynamics Laboratory’s Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) Workshop on May 14, 2024 – it’s just down the street in North Logan, UT! The RPO Workshop aims to unite government, commercial, and academic entities interested in discussing RPO best practices, identifying technology gaps, and pioneering new solutions. Please note: Attendance to the RPO workshop is restricted to U.S. citizens. 

More info:  


The Venue: Riverwoods Conference Center 

COSMIC Convergence will be held at The Riverwoods Conference Center in Logan, Utah.  This facility is in proximity to Space Dynamics Lab, Utah State University, and Hill Air Force Base, among other aerospace industry partners.   

Fees and What’s included 

Registration fee: In-Person: $150 per person (2 days) – In Person Registration is now closed. The registration fee includes hot breakfast, beverages, and catered lunch each day. There will also be a catered social hour on May 15 immediately following the last meeting session.  

Virtual: No Fee (2 days via Zoom Events) – virtual attendee registration closes on May 10, 2024, at 12:00 noon ET. 

Attendee Information Package:


Logan is about 90 minutes north of Salt Lake City, Utah on the eastern edge of Cache Valley, and on the western slopes of the Bear River Mountains. An outdoor paradise, Logan is popular for both spring and summer activities, especially rock-climbing, hiking, camping, and fishing. 


The Springhill Suites in Logan is adjacent to Riverwoods Conference Center, and TownePlace Suites about a five-minute walk to Riverwoods. Be sure to book early, before they sell out! 

Many other lodging options can be found at 

RPO Workshop 

While at COSMIC Convergence, consider arriving a day early and attending Space Dynamics Laboratory’s inaugural Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) Workshop on May 14. 

Full details are available here: RPO Workshop.  

Air transportation 

Salt Lake City International Airport is the closest major airport, and about 90 minutes by car from Logan.  Major carriers include Delta, United, Southwest, Alaska, and Jet Blue.   

Ground transportation 

Most major car rental agencies have desks at Salt Lake City Airport.   

Airport shuttles are also available that offer door-to-door service, departing the airport five times a day. Schedules are available at: Salt Lake Express.  


Logan offers a wide range of dining options.  A few local favorites are listed here: 15 Best Restaurants in Logan, UT That Locals Love (2024)  

Love the great outdoors? If you’ve been meaning to visit National Parks, especially Grand Teton, Yellowstone, or Great Basin National Park, you’re in luck.  All three are within a half-day’s drive, and the month of May offers perfect weather to visit these national treasures! 

Come early, stay later. For other fun things to do in the local area, visit Explore Logan.