ISAM 101

What is ISAM?

ISAM stands for In-space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing and is a suite of technological capabilities for use in Earth orbit, cislunar space, deep space, and on the surface of celestial bodies.


In-space servicing involves two or more spacecraft engaging in activities that require rendezvous and proximity operations and in some instances docking. Servicer spacecraft interact with client spacecraft to perform a variety of activities, including but not limited to: refueling, component changeout, upgrade and repair, orbit modification and maintenance, software transfer, and inspection.


In-space assembly involves the construction of physical systems in space using pre-manufactured materials. The conjoining of materials to create a larger structure in space requires capabilities and technologies used for in-space servicing, such as robotic arms.


In-space manufacturing involves the creation of objects and structures in space through the use of raw materials. In-space manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing produce objects and structures for use both in-space and on the surface of celestial bodies.